Katharina Elisabetha HAUB 1836-1876

Katharina Elisabetha was the fourth daughter, and seventh child, of Johann Georg Haub VII and his wife Anna Margaretha, nee Jost, who married in Nieder-Weisel in March 1822. In the strange tradition of the village, she was the third girl to carry this name: there was Katharina born in 1824, Katharina born 1833 and, finally, Katharina Elisabetha born on 24th March 1836.

Katharina Elisabetha migrated in 1856. She sailed from Liverpool on “Red Jacket” with a group which included members of the Bill, Hauser, Riegelhuth, and Schimpf families. Katharina Elisabetha showed as ‘Cath E Haup, 20, spinster’. Their vessel left the Mersey on 20th May and reached Port Phillip Bay just twelve weeks later, after a pleasant journey through fair sailing weather. On disembarking the new arrivals moved north to the Central Victorian goldfields.

On 8th November 1859, Katharina Elisabetha Haub married Philipp Hauser, in Smythesdale, west of Ballarat. Her groom was one of four brothers from her home village; he had left a few months before the Haub sisters. (A month later, Philipp’s young brother, Konrad, married Christina, Katharina Elisabetha’s sister). Philipp had been retailing groceries in the region south of Ballarat. He and his wife set up home in Browns, near Smythesdale.

A daughter, named Maria for Katharina Elisabetha’s grandmother, Maria Katharina Alt, was born there in 1861 but she died in infancy. Her funeral was one of the first to take place in the Smythesdale cemetery.

Five more children were born in the next decade – George in 1862, Elizabeth in 1865, Katie in 1868, Jacob in 1870 and Carl Wilhelm in 1872. The last two were born in the timber cottage built on the rear of the grocery store, which Philipp operated in Brooke Street, opposite the Post Office.

Katharina Elisabetha suffered indifferent health and she died at the early age of 40. She was laid to rest with her daughter on 28th September 1876. Philipp employed domestic servants to look after the four surviving children until he remarried in 1879.

Three of Katharina Elisabetha’s children, Katie, Elizabeth and Carl, married. There were twelve grandchildren eventually.

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