Johannes HILDEBRAND 1811-? & Anna Juliana KLIPPEL 1807-1870

Jakob (1836-?) & Margaretha (1848-?) HILDEBRAND

Adults John and Juliana Hildebrand, with Jakob, an adult and Margaret, a child (that is, younger than 15) appear as a group of ‘English’ migrants on the list of passengers on “Glenmanna”, which docked in Melbourne on 14th February 1855. John was a joiner.

Documents in Nieder-Weisel make it clear that John was a son of the day-labourer, Johannes Hildebrand and Katharina Elisabetha nee Adami. He was the eighth of ten children, born 27th October 1811. On 5th May 1833 he wed Anna Juliana, the ninth child of Johann Jakob Klippel and Anna Margaretha Maas, born 24th March 1807. Two children died in infancy but Jakob (11 Jan 1836) and Dorothea (19 Jul 1838) survived.

Johannes, who had been able to find only part-time labouring work in the village, later took his wife and children to England, settling in Bristol where he was able to get work as a wood joiner. Two more sons, Georg and Konrad, were born in this town and baptised in St James Church, but George lived only a few weeks. In about 1846, the younger brother of Johannes, Nikolaus, brought his family to Bristol. It is probable that Anna Juliana had a third girl, Margaretha, in 1848 while the family was living in Bristol but the baptism record has not been found. In 1849 Nikolaus Hildebrand and his wife’s sister, Katharina Wilhelmi, died of cholera, only two days apart, in West London; his widow, Elisabetha, went back to Nieder-Weisel. The two eldest children of Johannes and Anna Juliana, Jakob and Dorothea, were baptised in Nieder-Weisel in 1850 and 1852, making it likely that the two families returned together.

Dorothea was left in the village to help care for Konrad, then only 7 – this indicates that Anna Juliana and Johannes intended to be away for only a relatively short time. Dorothea married Konrad Hildebrand VII in Nieder-Weisel in 1861..

There is no record of the family whilst they lived in Victoria. The widowed sister-in-law, Elisabetha Hildebrand, arrived in Melbourne with her children just a year after Johannes and Anna Juliana; it is known that she later returned to Nieder-Weisel and that Anna Juliana died there, on 17th April 1870; they may all have returned together.

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