Konrad HILDEBRAND 1834-? & Anna Margaretha HILDEBRAND 1839-?

The marriage between Konrad Hildebrand I and Anna Margaretha Bodenreder on 25th November 1832 brought together families, which had been active in baking bread and cake for the villagers for generations. A grandfather of Konrad, Johann Jakob Hildebrand, was a son of Anna Katharina Samm; her father, Johann Peter Samm, had brought specialised baking skills from his father’s bakery in Frankfurt-on-Main 100 years before and passed them on to his grandsons. Anna Margaretha was from a local family of master bakers of several generations standing.

Four of the five surviving children of the couple took part in the exodus to Victoria in the 1850s. The elder son Konrad, born on 2nd November 1834, and his sister Anna Margaretha, the second of four girls, born 28th December 1839, joined twelve young people from Nieder-Weisel who had booked passages on the ship “Mindoro” which sailed from Liverpool on 22nd April 1856. The others included members of the Schimpf, Adami, Krausgrill, Haub, Heinz and Koch families. Their journey ended in Melbourne on 14th July 1856.

wife Juliana Klippel and two of their four children had arrived in the colony early in 1855, and Johann Georg Seip, from another family of bakers in the village, preceded them by three months. The Nieder-Weiselerns kept in touch with one another and it is probable that Konrad and Anna Margaretha contacted their sister Juliana (Paravicini) before she went to New South Wales with her husband and children.

The Johannes Hildebrands and Johann Georg Seip went back to Nieder-Weisel. Konrad and Anna Margaretha may have left with them; they were in the village again by 1860. On 4th April 1861, Konrad married Anna Dorothea, a daughter of Johannes and Anna Juliana. Later that year, Anna Margaretha and Johann Georg Seip were married. The youngest Hildebrand sister, Elisabetha born 1842, applied for permission to join Juliana in 1861.

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