Philipp KRAUSGRILL 1838-1907

Katharina nee Kissler gave birth on 23rd April 1864 to her second child and second son. The godfather at his baptism was Johann Jakob Kissler II, uncle of Katharina, from whom the baby took the name of Jakob. The pastor noted on the protocol that the father, Philipp Krausgrill IX, was at that time in Australia. When making this entry Pastor Wilhelm Kayser also entered a transcript of the baptism record of the first son, Louis Wenzel Krausgrill, received from the German Lutheran Church in San Francisco; this was dated 26th July 1861. A witness to this baptism was Wenzel Krausgrill, younger brother of Philipp.

Philipp Krausgrill, who was a son of the cartwright Jakob Krausgrill III and Elisabetha nee Hauser born on 15th October 1838, was married in New York on 16th November 1858 to Katharina (born 26th November 1838), a daughter of the baker Johann Georg Kissler II and Anna Margaretha nee Hauser. The couple had emigrated to North America, and went across to California, as the majority of the Nieder-Weisel immigrants did, where their first son Louis Wenzel Krausgrill was born in 1861.

After Louis Wenzel was baptised on 21st July 1863, Philipp went to Victoria to try his luck on the gold-fields there while Katharina, perhaps with her brother-in-law, returned to the village to await the birth of her second child. He later returned to Nieder-Weisel, where the next four children were born. In the 19O9 directory, Philipp appears as a farmer, resident at 175 Hauptstrasse. He died in the Giessen hospital on 2nd October 1907, and his wife Katharina died on 4th October 1914.

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