Philipp BILL 1837-?

“Glenmanna” brought a party of over 30 immigrants from Nieder-Weisel to Victoria in 1855, arriving in Melbourne on 14th February after a voyage of 110 days from Liverpool.

Amongst this group was a child named Philipp Bill, who travelled on the same ticket as a child named Conrad ‘Adam” (really Adami) and six passengers who were named Hauser. This makes it certain that the boy was from Nieder-Weisel, in which case he must have been either:

Philipp Jakob born 31st October 1837 to Philipp Bill III and Katharina nee Schimpf, or
Philipp born 5th December 1837 to Johann Jakob Bill III and Elisabetha nee Adami.
It seems that there was no close relative in this group to either of these boys so it is impossible to guess which of the two was aboard “Glenmanna”. A peculiar circumstance is that the Philipp born in 1837 was confirmed, together with another boy and a girl, in the parish church nine weeks ahead of the main group of first communicants on 8th June 1851. This may suggest that his father, who was a broker in England for a time, intended to go back there in April or May.

However, as there is no further record of Philipp in the Victorian statistics, it is clear that he did not remain long in the colony and so his true pedigree is of little consequence to the Nieder-Weisel story.

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