Konrad HAUSER 1842-1925

Conrad Hauser, birthplace Nieder-Weisel, aged 59, occupation carter, a resident of Albert Street in Sebastopol, applied for letters of naturalisation on 19th April 1901; in lieu of a signature, he made his mark. In his statement he claimed that he had arrived in Victoria, at the port of Melbourne, on the ship “William” out of Liverpool on 25th January 1855 and had lived in the colony for the previous 46 years.

No ship with this name ever sailed into Melbourne but other emigrants from Nieder-Weisel claimed to have been on a ship of this name when they really travelled on “Sir W F Williams” in late 1857. On the passenger list (which was rewritten after the original list was lost overboard) there is an unclear entry that could be Hauser.

From the calculated year of birth it is clear the applicant for naturalisation was Konrad Hauser, a son of Wenzel Hauser and Elisabetha nee Fett, who was born on 3rd December 1842. It is on record that both Wenzel and his eldest daughter, Juliana, came out to Victoria.

No record of a marriage of this Konrad Hauser has been found. The name appears on several documents but it is impossible to tell which of the various Konrad Hausers who came out from Nieder-Weisel is being referred to. Consequently, nothing is known at this stage of Konrad’s life in the colony. His sister lived in the Rocky Lead district until her death in 1889 and no doubt Konrad would have kept in touch; it is not known when their father died.

A Conrad Hauser died in Ballarat in 1925 aged 83; this is consistent with Konrad’s year of birth of 1842; the burial took place in the New Cemetery.

(A Conrad Hauser who arrived 14th February 1855 on “Glenmanna” has not been accounted for – possibly he was Konrad Hauser born 1842).

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