Juliana KRAUSGRILL 1846-?

In 1861, the Butzbach district court acceded to a petition from Juliana Krausgrill of Nieder-Weisel to be allowed to migrate to Australia to join her godmother Juliana nee Jung, who was living in the colony of Victoria at that time.

Juliana Krausgrill was the only child of Reinhard Krausgrill born 12th February 1817 to Philipp Krausgrill and Christina nee Reuter, and his wife Elisabetha nee Jung born 21st March 1821 to Johann Georg Jung, a carter in Nieder-Weisel, and Anna Juliana Maas. At her baptism, Juliana was sponsored by Juliana, an unmarried daughter of Johann Georg Jung – that is, her mother’s younger sister, who was born on 18th March 1826. Juliana Jung married, on 3Oth June 185O, Christoph Bill III, a son of the shoemaker Heinrich Bill. They left Nieder-Weisel in 1856 with one of their two sons, Wilhelm, and reached Melbourne in January 1857. Christoph prospected in Smythesdale until about 1863.

It is not known why Juliana Krausgrill’s parents had no more children but they were both living in May 186O when Juliana was confirmed in the parish church. It was shortly after this event that she made her application to emigrate. It is here that Juliana’s story ends – there is no record of her marriage or death in Victoria, nor of her re-emigration. Her aunt’s family lived in various Victorian towns and her three children married and settled in the colony. However, there is no record of Juliana Bill’s death there; it may be that both Julianas returned to Nieder-Weisel.

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