Anna Elisabetha RICHTER 1825-?

Jakob (1845-1855) & Juliana (1852-1855) WINTER

Anna Elisabetha, born 19th September 1825, was the second daughter of the brick-maker Christoph Richter and Anna Margaretha Bill; her brother Philipp was the youngest of the siblings who survived.

On 2nd June 1844 Anna Elisabetha married Johannes Winter, a son of master tailor Ambrosius Winter. Their son, Jakob, was born on 28th July 1845 and then they went to England, where Johannes obtained employment in Lancashire. A second son, named Ambrosius for his grandfather, was born in their home at 58 Goodwin Street, Little Bolton, on 10th December 1847. Before the birth of their daughter, Katharina, Johannes took his family back to the village. The baby died at 15 weeks and, predictably, Anna Elisabetha became pregnant again very quickly, bearing another baby girl on 27th July 1852; they named her Juliana.

In 1854, the family went back to Lancashire, this time to board a ship at Liverpool that would take them 20,000 km to Victoria. With them on “Fulwood” was Philipp Richter and two girls shown as ‘daughters’ of the Winters. On the next ticket was Johann Georg Winter, a brother of Johannes, with his wife, and two nieces. Their ship reached Port Phillip on 15th February 1855, after nineteen weeks at sea.

The smaller children fared badly and, on 19th April Juliana died, still in her third year. Before the trauma of this loss abated, her brother Jakob had followed her to their lonely grave.

Johannes settled his little family at Smythesdale where Anna Elisabetha had the support of a number of Nieder-Weiselern wives. She started on another pregnancy in 1858 but it went badly: her daughter Katharine Elizabeth was born early in 1859, but it was not to be a Happy New Year. Their little girl died and Anna Elisabetha persuaded her husband to go back to Germany. They settled in Nieder-Weisel again where Anna Elisabetha watched her surviving child, Ambrosius, growing to manhood. However, he died on 9th August 1867, as he neared his twentieth birthday. Fortunately, Anna Elisabetha had borne a third son, Philipp, in 1862 and, to some extent, he filled the voids left by their other losses.

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