Christoph ADAMI 1830-? & Susanna KRAUSGRILL 1831-?

Christoph was born on 17th February 1830, about three months after the marriage of his parents, Johannes Adami I and Elisabetha Jung from the village of Hausen. After Christoph, a baby was born during the early months of each third year until 1845, but all five of his two brothers and three sisters died before reaching school age.

Johannes was confirmed in 1844 and then worked as a linen-weaver. After his military service he was given permission to marry his sweetheart, Susanna Krausgrill, daughter of the late farmhand Philipp Krausgrill III and Anna Margaretha Jost. Susanna was born on 11th July 1831, an only daughter amongst four brothers. No proclamations were made before the marriage service, because the bride was seven months pregnant when she and her bridegroom faced the altar on 25th February 1855.

When their son Wenzel was old enough to be looked after by a nanny, Christoph and Susanna made plans to go to Victoria in the hope of finding a solution to their financial woes; they joined eleven other villagers who were booked to travel on “Mindoro”. Their messmates included Susanna’s older brother Konrad and a third cousin, Elisabetha Krausgrill. Their ship sailed from Liverpool on 22nd April 1856 and took them to Melbourne in the quick time of 84 days; they reached the bustling town of Ballarat when it was at its coldest, bleakest and wettest, and Christoph with the other men went looking for gold.

Later, Christoph and Susanna went to other fields around the Golden Triangle, finishing at Bendigo. Here, in their home at Golden Square, Susanna had a second son, Johannes, on 15th April 1859. They then decided to return home, probably later that year. A third son, Konrad, was born in Nieder-Weisel on 16th August 1861. Christoph and Susanna emigrated to California in 1884.

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